Reminders from SJOA

  • Suitable parking is expected to be provided for officials at all venues
  • Site Administrators (Field Managers) should make themselves known to the officials upon their arrival to the game site
  • Spectator conduct is ultimately the responsibility of the home team administration, regardless of the team the spectators are there with.  Issues with spectators must be addressed immediately upon request to avoid escalating problems and penalties being assessed to the home team
  • The time between a score and subsequent kick-off is not a time-out, teams must be ready on the field within one minute.
  • Coaches are NEVER permitted on the playing field to give plays or instructions (Rule 9-8-3).  Coaches must do so from the restricted are on the sideline.  They cannot be 2-3 steps on the field, or out to the numbers or hashmarks.  If they are allowed to do this in a game, it is not an excuse to do it in the next game.  Our officials have bee instructed to enforce this rule, but one official's failure to do so is not a valid reason to give a hard time to the next official that enforces the rule as instructed.
  • Only the Head Coach is permitted to confer with officials during the game.  Any issues that an assistant might have must be addressed by the Head Coach.
  • Only the Head Coach or a player on the field will be granted a timeout.  Assistant Coaches will not be granted a timeout if requested.
  • Blindside blocks, hits on defenseless players and illegal helmet contact/targeting will continue to be a point of emphasis.  Coaches should do their best to teach proper technique and restraint whenever possible.
In the event a Head Coach has an issue with a particular official or officiating crew, it is recommended that they avoid a confrontation during or after the game.  The name(s) of the officiating crew can be easily obtained by contacting SJOA President Anthony Wilcox or Vice President Frank Slaninko.

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